District 3 Achievement Awards

Each Zonta Club is a member of a district as well as a member of Zonta International. There are 30 clubs in District 3, aggregating close to 650 individual members. The Zonta Club of Harrisburg-Hershey is part of District 3 which encompasses New York, New Jersey, part of Pennsylvania, and all of Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia. Each year in October, District 3 holds their conference and announces awards given to the clubs.


At the Zonta International District 3 Conference held via Zoom teleconference in October 2020, the Zonta Club of Harrisburg-Hershey won 4 awards. They won:

  • 1st place for Public Relations and Communications award for our outstanding website and Facebook presence as well as the membership booklet and other outreach efforts made by the Membership Committee,
  • 1st place for The Amelia Earhart award noted for our multiple and unique ways to celebrate in January,  i.e., a speaker combined with a movie with popcorn,
  • Honorable Mention for Advocacy recognized our “Just say ‘No’ to Violence Against Women” Rally and Billboard, and
  • 2nd place for Service recognized for our multiple donations to Shalom House


In this year, the club won 6 awards. They won:

  • the silver bowl for the Governor’s Award for the 3rd consecutive year,
  • 1st place for the Amelia Earhart, Public Relations and Communications for the redesign of their website and the promotion of social media,
  • the United Nations award for their International Fellows Program (IFP) event,
  • 1 of 3 Centennial Grant Awards in District 3,
  • 2nd place for Advocacy,
  • a $250 Membership Grant

2017-18 & 2016-17

In these two years, the club won:

  • the silver bowl for the Governor’s Award and
  • for Advocacy and the role of Zonta with the United Nations.